MoTowne would like to cast three more current 3rd-5th grade boys! 
If interested, email tamsmoore@charter.net for more information!

Congratulations to the cast of MoTowne 2017!

I've emailed registration forms to everyone!  If you did not receive an email from me, please let me know at tamsmoore@charter.net. Thank you!

Allen, Adalynn   Allen, Katie Claire   Atkinson, Riley   Ayers, Alli   Baker, Braden   Baker, Nate                   Barham, Dashland   Barham, Olivia   Barnett, Brooklyn   Bentley, McKlane   Blackburn, David                 Bradley, Canaan      Byrd, Emma   Cheatham, Faith   Clement, Olivia   Conner, McKenzie   Coons, Ella
Dagnan, Taylor Grace   Davis, Bentley   Doggett, Charlie   Duffey, Livy   Duke, Haleigh   Fallin, Brie
Faulkner, Emma  Franklin, Kaylee   Fouts, Noah   Gardner, Marly   Giadrosich, Andrew   Giadrosich, Carter   Giadrosich, Rachel  Giadrosich, Sarah   Giangrosso, Emily   Goolsby, Adrienne   Goolsby, Drew  Green, Coco   Green, Daniel    Greer, Ansley   Harper, Loreleigh   Harper, Moses   Hawk, Amelia  Holley, Ellie   Ivey, Julia   Jacks, Avery   Jacks, Cathryn   Jaynes, Amelia   Johnson, Addie  Jones, Gracie  Lanier, Lauren   Ledbetter, Rylie   Liddell, Abbie   Lindley, Alexa-Grace   Lindsey, Hallie   Loudon, Elisabeth   Macoy, Olivia   McCanna, Victoria   McKiernan, Anderson    McLean, Alayna     Miller, Anne Louise     Miller, Mary Virginia Moore,  Lily          Myers, Molly Kate   Nandwa, Ethan  Nandwa, Natalie   Norris, Timothy   O’Brien, Jack   O’Brien, Jorgia     Payne, Katie   Peacock, Kaleigh   Pollard, Addison   Pollard, William    Ponder, Rachel    Ray, Cole   Reid, Eliza   Ritchey, Isabella  Romanowski, Anne Scott   Saunders, Kate   Sellers, Jonah  Sellers, Julianna   Shaw, Caroline   Shaw, Mae   Shivers, Grayson Shornack, Carson Jane   Simpson, Hannah   Smith, Laura Cavan   Smyth, Mary Katherine   Snyder, Mary  Sparks, Campbell  Sparks, Ethan  Spivak, Anna  Stanford, Sadie   Stewart, Caroline   Stockard, Abbie   Stockard, Lilly   Summers, Rachel   Teresi, Isabella      Teresi, Sofia   Trammell, Lizzie   Trammell, Mae Mae  Walter, Sam   Warren, Olivia  Watson, Emily  Watson, Gracie   Weigant, Lindsey Whitehead, Mabrey   Whittenburg, Margaret Allen  Wierengo, John Mathen  Wright, Anna Kate  Zuelch, Jenna

Fast Facts for the cast 


Monday, July 10th - Friday, July 14th from 9:00 - 2:00

Monday, July 17th  - Wednesday, July 19th from 9:00 - 2:00

Thursday, July 20th from 9:00-2:00 (dress rehearsal)​                                  

Friday, July 21st 9:0-12ish (dress rehearsal)        

Friday, July 21st at 7:00 pm (show, 6:15 call time)

Saturday, July 22nd at 2:30 pm and 7:00 pm (shows, call time 45 min prior)

Location: Rehearsals: Briarwood Church, Choir Room. (where auditions were held)
Dress rehearsal/performances:The theatre at Briarwood High School on Hwy.119

Camp attendance is mandatory. (see contract emailed to you for details)
Please arrive at 8:50 every day to be seated and ready for devotional!
                 Please dress modestly and appropriately for choreography.